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A New Beginning

A warm welcome to all of our new and existing customers. There's been a lot happening at Kitchen Chef and a lot of it has to do with the pandemic.

Our team have had to adapt greatly to unfavourable market conditions caused by the pandemic that has changed the way much of the world does business. As a business this has been our most challenging and also rewarding experience yet. Most of the staff are in high hopes after developments during the lockdown period.

The national lockdown although extremely taxing initially has ended up opening us all to a new opportunity which is the start of an online retail store. Now for us, this is absolutely huge! Over the 2 year life span of the business we have mainly dealt with restaurants and store owners with 190+ clientele in the UK, which as you know have been supplying you our food. However we realised that COVID, being the pain that it is, has forced many of our customers to stay at home. 

To address this issue we opened up Kitchen Chef online, not only do we supply to our regular customers but now you can get our products delivered directly to your door step. As Borris says you can "stay safe and stay inside", and still get your favourite cooking ingredients.

We have also made every effort to ensure food safety around our premises, staff are made to wear protective and covid safe gear whilst packing and hands and surfaces are sanitised after each day at the office and warehouse facility.

Please feel free to contact us regarding enquires and if you live in Basingstoke we re offering a click and collect service also.

Stay safe and enjoy your food,

Kitchen Chef :)

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