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About Us

Family Founded Company

Founded almost 3 years ago in the up and coming town of Basingstoke, UK by Ramesh Gordhanbhai Vyas, Kitchen Chef continues to deliver authentic foods and spices to its happy customers. The business is now managed by his two sons and grandsons, supplying over 190 stores in UK.

 Kitchen Chef recognises the need to cater for their customers in a more modern world with the same authentic ingredients that remind us of home. In light of this, the company is happy to announce the launch of its online platform, with households and stores soon able to place orders with the convenience of their devices.

 Our Mission

 A family founded company devoted to supplying customers a wide range of authentic spices, lentils and grains from around the world. Although our foods  traditionally come from an Asian background, we love that they are used by people from all cultural backgrounds and communities. Our aim is to further connect society through the power of our food, expanding our family to every corner of the globe.

Unfortunately, we have all experienced a global pandemic impacting many lives across the world. Today Kitchen Chef continues to work around the clock to ensure customer demands are met and relationships with suppliers are kept strong. United we shall overcome this.